Third day of our Forum

11th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum – 3rd day 

The third day of our Forum started out with rain which meant that the lovely walk to the school was cancelled. Despite that, everyone was really happy and relaxed. Breakfast eaten, all the students were divided into workshops – 9 different workshops from theatre to gymnastics, last of which was supposedly quite hard. „Like running a marathon,“ said one of the members of the Australian team Bailey Bugg. There were also different types of dances represented, from Estonian folk dance to modern – and show dance. Others had a chance to express themselves through music and body language. Everybody worked really hard and gave their best, as they should because we all want to see really great performances on Wednesday. We are pleased to see that Estonian-like modesty has almost disappeared and everyone is unified.

After that, it was time to put our skills to test and try out Paralympics games. Everyone had a chance to play volleyball, which is played while you sit, and wheelchair basketball, against real players. Also very interesting was „blind“ football where everyone had their eyes covered which meant that it was a rare occasion when someone hit the ball, however, the movements were really awesome!!! The participants also experienced what it’s like to be blind on the streets by passing a chair maze blindfolded. Ophéile Zolidis de Navacelle de Coubertin from France told us that all the sport’s events are so awesome that somehow everything else seems to forget. Right before the games, we spotted an Australian girl named Miela Goodchild on the basketball court doing extremely well with touchdowns from a long distance. It turned out she was a U17 player in Australia, who had been playing basketball since first grade.

It is commonly known that one must also broaden its mind. Therefore the evening started with the knowledge test which was the first step towards receiving the Coubertin Award. The participants gained confidence that they had prepared well for the test. But still, no one cannot fully relax due to the fact that if you want to get that award you must successfully pass all five disciplines. After that the participants had a quick change to go back to the hotel and change, all for the reason to get ready for the Mini-Expo. It gave an amazing review of the countries and their history. It was really heartwarming to see everybody introducing their countries with a big smile on their faces. 🙂 ‚

Merilin Miks, Ergo Kukk and Kadi Laaneots

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