4th day

11th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum – 4th day 

As usual, the morning started out with a refreshing walk to the school for breakfast. Weather is not showing it’s best side, but everybody is so nice and don’t mind that much. When Merje Aavik, the vice-principal of Ülenurme Gymnasium, walked to the canteen, all the teachers greeted her with flowers and sang the birthday song. At the end of the day we learned that there were other birthday people during this week as well.

Tuesday was mostly about the sports – Aura Waterpark and the school’s stadium were waiting for our athletes.  They started with swimming in competitions, was quite hard and literally took several breaths away, but in the end, everybody was able to touch the finish line.

In the afternoon the sports competitions continued with some track and field events. Everybody had a chance to compete with others and give their best in running 100m, long jump and do special ball throw. Even Estonian national newspaper crew came to see that. Different delegations supported each other very much as we could constantly hear clapping, cheering and asking each other how they did. The longest jump in the boys category was made by German boy. Girl from France was the best in ball throw. All the other best results will be in the booklet that all the participated schools will receive after the forum.

All of the athletes definitely gave their best, and the joy after a successful try was heart-warming to watch. Congrats to everyone!

Even though there was a lot of sport happening and most of the kids were really exhausted, they all still found time for workshops and discussion groups as well; the balance is the key, right?!

Before getting some much-needed sleep, we had an opportunity to visit Estonian Agricultural Museum in Ülenurme. Since gathering almost 200 people takes time, one can always pass time with crowd waves and clapping games. Luckily it didn’t take too long and discovering the museum grounds could begin.

The evening ended with a huge campfire and some traditional Estonian folk songs and dances around it.

Merilin Miks, Kristen Orin & Kadi Laaneots

Photos by: Taavi Taivere/Pilleriin Vesi/Kristo Korela/Odett Avvald/Carl Patrason


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