5th day

11th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum – 5th day

Wednesday means that half the project is done and half is still ahead. Today, unfortunately, everybody got a good taste of Estonian summer – it was constantly rainingthe whole day. But as the saying goes: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

So after the discussion groups, everybody gathered outside for some tug of war. Rain didn’t bother us and everyone gave their best to get the desired prize – the best teams got a chance to challenge themselves against the teachers. And who doesn’t like to beat the teachers! In order to do so, it was almost a necessity for the local volunteers to give out tips as there were many quite confused faces when it came to this interesting sporting event. A lot of laughter and also few tears, which is okay because exhaustion is working its way, but despite that, we know that everybody is giving their best!

Since we all are here to practice sports, we finally had a chance to spend some free time playing either basketball, football, table-tennis, do some aerobics or try out the most interesting game – indiaca.

Majority of the students were quite amazed to see how thisvolleyball/badminton type of thing is being played. As expected, it turned out to be hard to get a good hang of it, but none the less, it was a lot of fun!

But in order to really do well in sports, good food is always needed. Lunch ladies have given their best and clearly, everybody is a big fan of our food. Definitely, the highlight of the day was when the teacher from Kenya gave all the kitchen staff a hand-made local Kenyan bracelet and even asked for the recipe of our delicious chicken sauce. Needless to say, the kitchen staff really appreciated this gesture and took a photo all together to preserve the memory.

The main event today was doubtless the presentation of the art workshops. A lot of sweating has happened and everybody was anxious to see the results. But before that, a quick cross-country race took place in Tõrvandi. Huge respect towards all the runners who despite the rain did very well and managed to beat the time given. As always, due to the fact that the road was quite slippery, some small injuries occurred. But this real cross-country race, the one that takes place in the mud and the rain, came to its end and the best time belongs to James Laven from Australia.

But back to the presentations. One could already feel some more tension in the air and everybody was quite eager to quickly finish the dinner and rehearse one last time before going on stage. Three days of hard work has come to an end and it was time for the grand finale. No one can doubt the fact that all of this was definitely worth it – each and everyone gave their maximum and it didn’t matter if all the steps were correct or all the lyrics came out right. All that mattered was the feeling and that everyone enjoyed themselves. And when the teachers surprised the kids with their performance, everybody was on their feet and cheering! As the teacher from India said: „It all started with just a little request for a guitar to practice. But somehow most of the teachers got involved and the performance was born.“ Thank you all for giving your best!






Merlin Miks, Maria Tamm, Kristen Orin, Ergo Kukk and Kadi Laaneots

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