6th day

11th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum – 6th day

In a way, some days are better than the others. So one can only imagine the excitement of the participants when they were told that wake-up call is an hour later and morning walk is replaced with a bus ride straight to breakfast. But what is more, and for some, that might have even been the highlight of the day, was the chance to visit Lõunakeskus and do some shopping. A lot of Kalev’s chocolate and Estonian souvenirs were bought and almost every corner of the shop was filled with foreign languages. All in all, we can easily say, that everybody is now taking a part of Estonia back home with them.

This shopping could only happen due to the fact that the trip to the bog was canceled thanks to our „lovely“ summer weather – constant heavy rain. But we didn’t let the rain completely ruin our plans so a trip to the Seto’s farm museum took place right after the shopping. An hour and a half bus ride was packed with multi-cultural songs and it didn’t take long until everybody was singing and mingling. Once there, everybody had a chance to get to know the culture of Setomaa and also taste traditional cuisine – Estonian special mashed potatoes with fat and groats called mulgipuder, smoked pork, also some black bread, traditional dessert kama and cumin tea. A girl from the French team said that she won’t eat that weird porridge type food ever again, but everything else was surprisingly tasteful!

Since it was still raining, the weather was a bit too much, especially for some Indian participants. One of them even asked if it’s autumn in Estonia because it was so cold, and was quite shocked to learn that this is, in fact, our summer. But once local

 artists called Seto leelotajad – women, who yodel – started performing, the bad weather was forgotten and the whole area filled with dance and excitement. The costumes of the ladies drew also some attention and all the ladies must have felt like celebrities for a second when everybody wanted to take pictures with them.

It has become customary that the evening ends with a big event and today’s might have

been even the biggest one. At 19 o’clock, everybody gathered in downtown Tartu for a big parade. With a Brass band Popsid leading us, all the nations marched through the town with their flags and traditional clothes. The parade ended in front of Tartu’s town hall and now every country took their turn to show the audience some traditional dances from their culture. A lot of people had gathered to see our show and some participants saw even people from their own countries. Even more, when Indian kids were performing, some tourists from India

joined in and danced with them. The long and eventful day ended with all dancing to Waka waka and a huge group photo in front of the town hall. After that, off to bed it was to get some rest and

prepare for the last day of the Youth Forum to come.

Merilin Miks, Kadi Laaneots and Ergo Kukk

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