Second day of the Forum

The day started with a morning walk from Rehe Hotel to Ülenurme Gymnasium for breakfast. Volunteers noticed that the guests didn’t like black bread but apple juice scored the highest points.

After the breakfast there was a lecture by Dr Ines Nikolaus which had to be listened to very carefully because of Monday’s knowledge test. Participants were very active listeners – they answered questions and took notes.

At 11 buses took everyone to a Tartu city tour where they visited the Sports Museum and went sightseeing. To celebrate Estonian Re-independence Day everyone got a little Estonian flag. Volunteers made a brilliant job as tour guides showing Tartu University, the Kissing Students, the Angel Bridge and theatre Vanemuine. Greek delegation very politely greeted the locals in Estonian and did areally good job! (What a shame – we still don’t remember the greeting in Greek…)


The highlight of the Sports Museum was definitely the football match!

At 2 there was lunch – a big thank you to the cooks! Everyone was tired and some went back to the hotel to change for the opening ceremony. By 4.30 very festive-looking guests were ready to plant the oak tree.

The opening ceremony was quite long and tiring but the introduction of different delegations brought a smile to our faces 🙂 Before dinner we made a huge group photo.

The day ended with a social evening hosted by immensely-energetic Ragnar who made everyone friends.Goodnight! Be sure to have a proper night’s sleep to be ready for the competitions!

Merilin Miks and Kristen Orin

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